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“Amazing but that is what God does with music. Most believers want to have their emotions manipulated with music but they don’t realize that to God, music is communication. He communicates to us through the music of creation, twinkling stars, rushing water, winds that whisper and winds that roars through the trees, crashing waves and babies cries. The native flute is so special because when we give it our breath, it give us it’s song and each one has a song all its own. Through it we can release the deep sounds of our being.”

Mary Blakeley, Idaho, 2013

Native American Flutes Supplies

Drone Native American Flute BlankNEW! DRONE CNC Routed NAF Flute Blanks Are Here

Native American Drone Flute BlankAfter hundreds of man hours we are ready to introduce our first CNC Routed Drone Flute Blank for sale. Precision is everything here at Teton Marketing and we are excited to share with you our first available Native American Drone Flute Blanks. These first Drone flute blanks are available in 1" inch bores and soon to be available in both 3/4" and 7/8" bores. The 1" inch blanks 3" wide and 30" long and we have incorporated our new Ramp Designed Slow Air Chamber into these blanks. There is plenty of bore length to work with here. Blow holes have a tool path the allows for a undisturbed path for your breath into and out of the SAC and into the twin focusing channels. Now you can craft your own drone flute and save countless hours of work crafting the inside components of the flute.

Included in our tool paths are our proprietary alignment pin hole that have two functions. First to help align the flute bores for glue up with a tolerance of approximately 1/1000th of an inch for bore alignment. Second, to help prevent slippage during clamping that will for sure help eliminate frustrations when gluing your blank halves together. Exit holes, Focusing Channel and Cutting Edge area are all milled and not punched through leaving the wood in tact for your final crafting of these flute components. Drone blanks will be available in several species and only the best lumber will be selected for milling. Now you can build drone flutes and know the inside of the flute is as close to being perfect as we can make it.

Click Here for More Information on CNC Routed Drone Blanks

Native American Drone Flute Blank

Journey of Life End Cap Attachment MandrelsNEW - End Cap Attachment System Now Available

End Cap ClampedIf you have tired to glue up an end cap piece before routing your flute blank, I am sure you had problems sanding the pieces to get the fit perfect or aligning and clamping the pieces into place, because the glued pieces like to slide around. We are introducing the Journey Of Life Custom Flutes attachment system which eliminates any slippage that may occur during the gluing process and reduces the time required to mate the pieces together by reducing the sanding time. This system can also be used on both 2 piece and bored flute blanks.

This attachment system is available for the bore size of 3/4”, 7/8” and 1”. The system consists of a solid aluminum mandrel machined to the exact size of each bore. The shaft is 5.5” long to allow for exact alignment of the end cap or end cap and ring. Each piece is slid onto the mandrel and glue is applied to the contacting surface of each piece. Once glue is applied the mandrel is slid up into the barrel of the flute and clamped with a bar or pipe clamp. Once the glue has set the mandrel is removed and the interior walls of all of the pieces are in exact alignment and the blank is ready to be shaped. An information sheet will be ship with each Mandrel with detailed information on use and care. There will also be a link to a YouTube video demonstrating how to use them correctly.

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New Improved Ramp Design for Slow Air Chamber - In Production Now!

CNC MachineCNC Routed Native American Flute BlanksOver many months we have tested our bore new designs for our new CNC Routed Flute Blanks. We have done computer animated wind tunnel tests to help verify that our designs are functional and actual improvements. We are now introducing our latest improvements to our flute blanks. All of our new CNC Routed blanks will feature a modified Ramp Design incorporated into the Slow Air Chamber portion of the flute blank. A computer controlled tool path now cuts a perfected ramp leading out of the exit hole of the SAC which reduces wind turbulence that is created with the traditional routed flute blank that happens at the apex of the bore. These newly designed, proprietary tool paths help create a smoother transition of your breath leading from the SAC into the Focusing Channel.

Another benefit of our modified ramp design is more gluing surface in the block area. Alignment pin placement has also been modified and hole sizes allow for accuracy of about 1/1000th of an inch in lining the bores halves together at glue-up. In addition there is little or no slippage when clamp pressure is applied to the blank halves. The exit hole and the opening which will become the cutting edge is now also milled with CNC technology eliminated chatter to the wood grain in these areas creating a very clean opening to work. Crafting the cutting edge is easier to do now giving you the advantage for better accuracy because the end grain of the wood has not been chewed up by a mortising bit. This allows your cutting edges of your chisels to do a better job on the cutting edge ramp area.

One final note - the preparation of the inside of the bore prior to sealing is now a snap. Little if any sanding is now required to prep the bore area prior to sealing against moisture. These new blanks will absolutely shorten your assembly time by quite a bit and provide you with an almost perfect flute blank when assembled. The path of your breath is the best we have seen and the consistency of the bores are almost perfect - considering they are cut in wood.

Click Here to View CNC Routed Blanks

NEW - Computer Controlled CNC Routed and Laser Cut Flute Blanks

NAF Flute Blank C&C Router ModelWe are excited to further our journey in providing the best quality flute blank for the flute craftsman around the world. We have been working hard to create the most consistent made product available making your job as a flute builder an easier task. We have spent many hours designing and modeling the perfect flute blank kit using the latest in technology to assist us in perfecting the process. We are in production as we write this and we are excited to share with you the good news. Our computer modeled flute blanks will have features not seen before in flute making.

CNC Routed Flute BlanksWe will be offering blanks in two lengths and three bore sizes to start with. Our standard blank lengths will be 24" inches and 30" inches in length. Our three initial bore sizes will be 3/4", 7/8" and 1" inch in diameter to start with. Custom blanks in 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" are available by custom order at this time. We will be crafting these blanks in all species that meet our specifications. The advantages of a computer controlled cutting paths and laser cutting is an easy no brainer. Our flute blanks will come ready to complete with little if any sanding being required prior to sealing the inside of your flute before glue-up. Consistency in flute bores down to an accuracy of .0025 of an inch guarantees a clean consistent bore path. In addition we are introducing a new design in alignment that will help make the glue-up of the two halves an easier process while almost guaranteeing a perfect alignment of the two halves making it easier to clamp. All flute blanks listed on our site will be clearly marked if they are CNC created.

Subscribe to our blog "3 Feathers Flutes" and stay up to date on all new things coming your way. We will still be crafting many of our blank sets by hand using new highly accurate plunge routers and refined proprietary jigs. Not all stock is suitable for a computer controlled routing so we now have all bases covered. Price points for the new CNC produced blank kits will have a small premium attached but the man hours you will save in the completion of your flute will more than off-set this small premium.

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Honduran Mahogany Native American Style Flute Blanks Available

River Reclaimed Old Growth Honduran MahoganyHonduran Mahogany Flute BlanksWe are now cutting and shipping NAF flute blanks cut from Old Growth, River Reclaimed Honduran Mahogany. The shear beauty in the wood and the tonal qualities comes only from the fact that Mother Nature has created it over many hundreds of years. She has nurtured the growth of these magnificent giants of the Rain Forest and then massaging them with her gentle hands while they lay submerged for hundreds of years more has created a product like no other. We now offer solid blanks, halved blanks cut to our standard dimensions and pre-bored flutes are also available in all of our normal bore sizes.

An enormous undertaking takes place each year recovering these priceless logs from the rivers and lagoons of Belize, formerly British Honduras. Owning a piece of history is now a reality for all Americans. We are proud to offer truly Old Growth Honduran Mahogany to our customers. If you are a flute maker you will want to own at least one of our beautiful blanks. We will be adding blanks daily to our website but that does not mean that is all we have available. We are also offering custom spec jobs to those in the business. Contact us for more information.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT bootlegged lumber. All of our Honduran Mahogany and other tropical species have been recovered under the proper permits and watchful eye of the Belizian Government. All Cites Certificates and USDA permits have been properly obtained. Every single log has been logged and its transit documented to the United States. All material has been imported to the United States legally and not a single log was cut from new growth material. This is all Reclaimed Lumber.


Reclaimed Old Growth Honduran Mahogany

River Reclaimed Honduran Mahogany BlanksWe now have 100 beautiful River Reclaimed, Old Growth Honduran Mahogany blanks ready to ship. All of the Mahogany being imported to the United States has been reclaimed from the rivers in Belize (formerly British Honduras) by Greener Lumber, LLC as they have the salvage rights for these trees. These trees in many cases were cut hundreds of years ago and sent down the rivers from the forests on their journey to the coastline where they could be loaded onto ships and taken back to England and other colonies.

Old Growth Honduran MohaganyIn addition to Mahogany we will be stocking other reclaimed species such as Spodilla, Santa Maria, Bullet Tree, Cocobollo, Caribbean Pine and others when available. All of this reclaimed tropical timber is harvested from the rivers in Belize by Greener Lumber, LLC, certified and every log has been permitted properly by the government of Belize and imported into the United States following all the proper importing protocols. Honduran Mahogany has been prized for its beauty, building qualities and tonal characteristics for hundreds of years.

Old Growth Honduran MohaganyGreen Lumber

Not one single new tree is being cut down and harvested from the tropical forests. All of these trees were harvested in some cases over 200 years ago by what then were called "Baymen". These trees made their way to the coast of British Honduras via slave labor, oxen and nearby streams and rivers. Each year thousands of hand cut logs waited up stream of these rivers for the rainy season to come and provide the rain needed to get them downstream to the coast. It was estimated that as few as 50% of the harvested trees ever made it to the coast and those that did not survive the journey have been sitting on the bottom of these rivers since. Just waiting to be rediscovered and harvested once again.

Old Growth Honduran MohaganyThe quality of this lumber is amazing and we will have plenty of it. As always our goal is to provide our customers with the best Old Growth product we can find. No order is too small. We want everyone to be able to have a piece of history. We will be stocking wood for the hobbyist, instrument makers, cabinet maker, furniture maker, turkey call makers and lets not forget all you Native American Flute makers. Lumber for custom home builders and projects for the most discerning home owner. Not seen available in this country for many many years, Teton Marketing is working hard to bring this prized lumber to our customers.

Old Growth Honduran MohaganyWatch our website, blogs and check your email in-box as we will be updating our website daily. New menu options will be available to select from, new pages and new product listings. As always you will be able to purchased direct via our shopping carts, by phone, email and of coarse our ebay store. If you are ready toborder and you know what you are looking for call or email us for delivered quotes. We have boards in just about every size. These new blanks measure 3" x 3" x up to 31" surfaced all four sides - perfect for Native American flute building, turkey calls, both short and long box calls, turnings, gun stock and other specialty products. We will be milling to your specs so get started and reserve your piece of history today.

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Port Orford Cedar Native American Style FlutePort Orford Cedar Pack Flute - A REALLY Nice Flute

As many of you know we love Port Orford Cedar. The working qualities and finished product always make us smile. This little flute is no exception. This six hole Native American Style flute is now one of my favorite flutes we have produced. Completely hand crafted with a 3/4" bore and tuned to the Key of G @ 432Hz - we love how this flute plays and sounds. Simple elegance is the best description we have come up with.

Port Orford Cedar FluteThe Otter fetish also crafted from Port Orford Cedar sits atop our new drop step design. On many of our new flutes we are adding a drop step just in front of the windway that gives really nice aesthetic effect. This step is completely created by hand and the results is a sleeker taper through the barrel of the flute. There are no added accents to this flute other than the hand cut black Elk hide lace. Overall length on this flute is 23" measure tip to tip on the top of the flute. Playing holes are spaced for comfort and the bottom 3 holes are 1 1/8" on center. The top three are 1 1/26" on center with a 1 1/4" spacing between the #3 and #4 playing holes. This little flute is a real joy to play. Signed by artist Timothy Jennings and priced to be affordable.

Port Orford Cedar NAF FluteThis flute ships with a protective bag and the price is $285.00 plus freight. This is the lowest price flute we have offered in quite sometime. We want everyone to be able to afford one of our hand made flutes and this is a best effort attempt at making this possible. Currently we have several Port Orford Cedar flutes finished waiting for a home. Two smaller flutes similar to this one are available with inlays to the cutting edge. Check them out when you get a chance. Click Here to view more POC flutes...

Play Sample of this flute now:

$285.00 Port Orford Cedar NAF Flute

Ta Tanga Ax Dog, Walnut Buffalo Scultered flute StandTa Tanga Ax Dog

"Runs With Buffalo" Sculture

"Ta Tanga Ax Dog" (Assiniboine Translation) for "Runs With Buffalo" was this years Juried entry into the Western Design Conference. This was our first year entering a completly funtional sculture the also funtioned as the stand for the flute.

Featured for the entire show this unique one of a kind pieces will probably never be dublicated. Over 200 hours of labor went into this sculture and the flute that goes with it. The sculpture is a larger representation of the fetish that adorns this magnificent one of a kind old growth walnut flutes.

Available to be seen by appointment only - this is one of our best overall attempts to bring honor to the sacred buffalo and the Assiniboine Native American's our family has close ties to.

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New NAF Flutes...

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Native American Styled FluteHere are a few of the latest Native American Styled flutes just completed. All of these are available for purchase. Every once and a while we will work with a speicies of wood that is uncommon for our shop. The picture of the Russian Olive flute to the right is a an example of this. A very nice playing flute and aesthetically beautiful. The picture to the left is a new Alaskan Yellow Cedar crafted flute with a large bore and deep pleaseing tone. Below are some links to some recently completed flutes:

Russian Olive Native American Styled Flute
Listen to Russian Olive sample here

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Pen BlanksAlaskan Yellow Cedar Pen Blanks

Owning a hand crafted wooden pen is a real treat for many. Making the pens are even more special for those who have come to love the craft. We are now stocking pen blanks in quantities cut from Old Growth, first generation cut Alaskan Yellow Cedar. These blanks are not cut from left over scraps but selected from specific boards as they come off the lumber stacks in our shop. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is one of the more treasured cedars to work with and it comes from trees as old at 1,200 years. Very tight growth ring patterns, so tight they are hard to count make AYC a great choice for the pen turner. A soft yellow tone that finishes like glass. In stock now ready to ship...

Buy Now

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Port Orford Cedar LumberOrder Port Orford Cedar Blanks Now

We have secured a new shipment of Port Orford Cedar that has arrived. This is Select Grade, first generation cut, old growth Port Orford Cedar. This is as good as it gets folks so if you are looking to build some flutes out of Port Orford Cedar consider placing your order today. We do not anticipate having this lumber on the ground very long. We will have widths of 4", 6", 8" 10" and some 12" widths. POC is some of the best wood we have ever worked with, it smells heavenly when cut and the tonal qualities are amazing. If you are interested call us or email us today for pricing and shipping dates. We are also receiving old growth tight vertical grain Alaskan Yellow Cedar in board width up to 10". We cut the first boards immediately and found that this was the shipment worth waiting for. This is very nice stuff!

We will have flute blanks available in the following sizes:

  • 24" and 30" lengths
  • Bore sizes of 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1 1/8"
  • Cut to order
  • Rough Lumber

Click Here for more information...


Native American Flute Blanks

Native American Flute Blank Supplies

Planning to build your own Native American Flute? We stock ready to ship flute blanks in many different configurations. Purchase you flute blanks in ready to bore sizes or with the internal components of the flute already crafted for you. For those who would prefer to start with an already glued blank that is ready to shape we stock those too. We also stock rough wood stock lumber in many different native species. All of our lumber is hand selected and most of it is first generation cut old growth stock or from reclaimed timbers rendering beautiful wood for flute makers. Check out our listed inventories - if you do not see what you want or have questions call us as we are milling wood daily.

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Black Walnut Slab Cut Wood

Black WalnutBlack WalnutWe are constantly looking for little stashes of old growth, first generation cut wood stock. On our recent trip to Colorado we went to one of our favorite suppliers and combed his yard for little jewels that are perfect for flute making and other wood projects. Many people will ask me how it is I find black walnut in places like Colorado. Well, in the mid 1800's all of the walnut trees that were originally planted came from the eastern part of the United States via wagon by pioneers or purchased as nursery stock. These trees were planted on farms and ranches mostly for shade around their homes and to shade city streets. Today many of these trees are dying and being harvested for their wood by a special few. We travel many hundreds of miles looking for some really great stuff to make our flutes out of. This load although a smaller batch has some really nice walnut boards in it. Some of these boards are your more traditional black walnut colors and some of it is almost reddish in color.

I have cut some of these boards into flute blanks and the very first blanks cut have already been purchased by other flute makers. We will be milling this load into NAF flute blanks over the next few weeks and adding the blank stock to our shopping carts with pictures. Good quality walnut is getting harder to find all the time and it is becoming much more expensive. If you are looking for some very nice walnut with some different coloring in the wood give us a call (307) 690-0427 or shoot us an email. Get it while we have it...


Katana Premium Router BitsKatana Premium Core Box and Straight Plunge Cut Bits

We are now stocking ready to ship Katana Premium Router Bits. We are going to stock the same bit inventory we use in our shop here in Jackson, Wyoming. These bits are some of the best router bits we have used and we do use them every single day. They hold a sharp edge for a long time and they have a price point that is very reasonable.

Click Here for More Information...

Old Growth, Select Grade Port Orford Cedar - In Stock

Port Orford Cedar FluteIn stock ready to ship - 1st Generation Cut, Old Growth Port Orford Cedar. This is the best of the best and we should have it in our shop by weeks end. If you have been looking for the very hard to get Old Growth Port Orford Cedar for your next project reserve you shipments now. Most of the stock is 8/4 rough sawn stock with board widths up to 12 inches wide and length up to 10 feet. Included in this shipment was some new Alaskan Yellow Cedar that has growth rings so tight you can't even count them. This entire shipment is all top quality, straight grained, even colored wood that is perfect for Flute Makers and more. One of the most enjoyable things about working with POC is not only how beautifully it finishes, the accoustic qualities are excellent and the smell is heavenly.

Build your next project:

  • Native American Flute (the best)
  • Turkey Calls
  • Fishing Lures,
  • Guitars, both necks and body
  • Bowl Turners
  • Carvers
  • Trim Work
  • Top Quality Siding
  • Hobbt Woods - various sizes
  • Many more...

We do not anticipate this order to last long as this quality of POC and AYC are almost impossible to find. Call Tim Jennings at (307) 690-0427 or email us at "sales@tetonmarketing.com". 25% of this order has already pre-sold!

NAF Flute BlanksBuild Your Own Flute...

Building your own flute? We stock ready to ship flute blanks in many configurations. We have available blank stock in solid 2" x 2", flute blanks that are halved ready to bore and we stock blanks that have been pre-bored ready to finish.  We do our best to match each blank set as much as possible.  Depending on how much of the work you want to do yourself you choose which option meets your needs. We spend a great deal of money and time seeking very nice wood stocks for our flutes. Most of our wood comes direct from smaller mills and specialty suppliers. Because of our specs our wood stock lots come in smaller amounts as many times that is all there is for at any given moment in time. We seek out old growth, first generation cut stock and in many cases this stock will come from reclaimed sources.

We offer discounts on most of our flute blank options which you can find listed on our flute blank pages as well as our shopping carts. We also work with professional flute makers and offer competitive bids for commercial operations. We stock flute blanks in both 24" inchand 30" inch lengths. Give us call or shoot us an email if you have questions or need a quote for specific specs.

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